The Gigabit voucher scheme helps subsidise the delivery of fibre-based broadband connections to businesses and individuals who are currently only able to receive 100Mbps or less

Gigabit Broadband Delivered Cost Effectively

As a gigabit broadband delivery network registered with DCMS, we are able to draw down on funds enabling us reach your premises with fibre connectivity. This can be a grant of up to £3,500 per business and £1,500 per residential customer.

Green Broadband

We will endeavour to use green energy for the entire delivery of your broadband service, including as much passive fibre-optic connectivity as possible.

Rural Scheme Eligibility

You can check if your postcode is classed as rural using this map.

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How long does it take?

As our connections usually use a direct, single piece of glass from our exchange to your premises, there can be a 30 day lead time to deliver the service.