Most networks run large datacentres pulling an incredible amount of power. By streamlining our proposition we are able to deliver an end-to-end product on entirely renewable energy.

Broadband on 100% Renewable Energy

We deliver broadband to your premises using a single piece of fibre optic cable; there is a direct glass path between our exchange and your premises. We place a low-power device at the end to allow you to utilise the connection.

Ultrafast 1000Mbps Speed

We want to disrupt existing models and provide only Gigabit broadband, which is faster than any retail broadband on the market. By only servicing properties using our fibre network, we are able to deliver a consistent 1000Mbps product.

Ultra Low-Power Network

By providing a simple, straight-through internet service, we are able to route traffic through power-optimised routers which generate a minimum of excess heat and so do not need any external cooling. We also only locate our equipment in facilities which are able to match our requirements of entirely renewable energy.

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How long does it take?

As our connections require a direct, single piece of glass from our exchange to your premises, there can be a 30 day lead time to deliver the service.

Fibre Connectivity

Global Reach can deliver lit fibre to any UK location using entirely renewable energy.

Renewable, straight-through fibre.

Using our wholesale tail networks and leveraging third-party ducting, we can bring uncontented connectivity to your sites, delivering a full-bandwidth service, via our Nationwide POPs.