New Build Fibre

Global Reach work with developers and agents to deliver fibre to new homes and commercial developments at an early stage, guaranteeing tenants and buyers access to fast broadband on day 1.

Fibre Adds Value

By ensuring that ducting and fibre is added at an early stage, the costs of delivering fibre to new homes and commercial units are reduced dramatically, a saving that is passed directly on to comsumers. It's well understood that access to full fibre broadband is highly sought by renters and owners, and significantly increases the property value[1], and that the same benefits are even more demanded in commercial property.[2] [3] By working closely with developers Global Reach are able to help bring ultrafast, gigabit broadband to new businesses, homeowners and those renting property in new builds.

Dig Once Approach

By deploying ducting and fibre at an early stage, the number of road digs is decreased, and so disruption and damage at new properties is minimised.